Gitlab CI: Can’t launch runners

Pedro Gomes
2 min readApr 27, 2022

If you just came across this while running Gitlab CI docker-machine instance, you may need to update the base AMI image used by docker-image as it’s currently using 16.04 (ouch!)

Some errors you may find in the logs

  • Error while stopping machine
  • Failed to process runner
  • Unable to query docker version: Cannot connect to the docker engine endpoint
  • Error creating machine: Error running provisioning: error installing docker: driver=amazonec2 name=runner-xyz
Running with gitlab-runner 14.10.0 (c6bb62f6)
on autoscale-runner y47Kmiji
Preparing the "docker+machine" executor
ERROR: Preparation failed: exit status 1
Will be retried in 3s ...
ERROR: Preparation failed: exit status 1
Will be retried in 3s ...

Find a new image in

Then specify it like

MachineOptions: [

For more updates see this Gitlab issue (they maintain the fork):

or PR to the original repo: (never merged)

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