How to export all your Pingdom export checks

export PINGD_AUTH="[the api key you generated in step 1]"for i in `curl -X GET -H 'Authorization:Bearer $PINGD_AUTH' -s | jq -r .checks[].id`; docurl -X GET$i -H 'Authorization:Bearer $PINGD_AUTH' -s | jq -r '.check | .name + " " + .hostname + " " +.type.http.url'done
homepage /
category /category
article /article
{"check": {"id": 1111111111,"name": "check name","resolution": 1,"sendnotificationwhendown": 6,"notifyagainevery": 0,"notifywhenbackup": true,"created": 11111111111,"type": {"http": {"verify_certificate": true,"url": "/","encryption": true,"port": 443,"requestheaders": {"User-Agent": "Pingdom.com_bot_version_1.4_("}}},"hostname": "","ipv6": false,"responsetime_threshold": 30000,"custom_message": "","integrationids": [11111],"lasterrortime": 1111111111111,"lasttesttime": 1111111111111,"lastresponsetime": 423,"lastdownstart": 1111111111111,"lastdownend": 1111111111111,"status": "up","tags": [],"probe_filters": ["region: EU"],"userids": [111111]}}




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Pedro Gomes

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