How to monitor your Crypto Portfolio using Google Sheets

Having a hard time tracking all your crypto investments across all kinds of different platforms? Are you buying coins in CEX, staking them in DeFI platforms or generating yield income?

It must be hard keeping track of everything.

And while there’s a number of Apps tracking your crypto investment, they only track the funds in major exchanges, leaving cold storage, DEXs and other platforms out of the equation.

That’s why I build a Google Sheets to keep track of my Portfolio. This is how it looks like (no, this is not my actual portfolio):

Crypto Portfolio Manager in Google Sheets
Crypto Portfolio Manager in Google Sheets

You can get the spreadsheet from

To help me with this task I built to give me a simple to use interface to load data from. This in alternative to complex parsing of modern cluttered web pages or signing up for 3rd party API services with all kinds of limits and still do parsing and other logic on the Google Sheets.

Using my service, pulling crypto data is as simple as doing


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