Pedro Gomes

Seems there’s a bug (or a feature) somewhere in Ansible which doesn’t translate encrypted variables (but it works fine with vault files), so when you try to use them on a template it will fail with the error above.

To work around that, you could try setting a fact before hand which will decrypt the secure variable into a new variable.

pass_decoded: “{{ pass }}”

Use the new variable in the template:

Authorization: “Basic {{ (user + ‘:’ + pass_decoded)| b64encode }}”



It’s only a matter of time when Ethereum becomes the number one crypto currency and all products are priced in gweis. In some measures Ethereum already beat Bitcoin. In others, it’s well underway to become #1.

It’s already doing 6x as many transactions as the Bitcoin network.

It has almost as many active wallets as Bitcoin.

The hype around NFT and DeFI will only keep growing ETH and leave Bitcoin well behind it’s stagnant growth.

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