If you just started getting these, upgrade your target system packages.

Personally I was only installing security and bugfixes like

Paying over 4 digits every single month for a simple image resizing service? Finding it difficult to rein in this ballooning expense item? Does your account manager want to lock you down on a yearly contract to save a few percent?

Imgix is the typical Silicon Valley startup with VC…

It’s only a matter of time when Ethereum becomes the number one crypto currency and all products are priced in gweis. In some measures Ethereum already beat Bitcoin. In others, it’s well underway to become #1.

It’s already doing 6x as many transactions as the Bitcoin network.

It has almost as many active wallets as Bitcoin.

The hype around NFT and DeFI will only keep growing ETH and leave Bitcoin well behind it’s stagnant growth.

Keep up with the flippening using https://flippening.org/

First of all, quickly generate a new read-only API token in https://my.pingdom.com/app/api-tokens

Then, use the following code to get a quick export of your Pingdom exports with name, hostname and path.

Because who wants to go through 1000+ words SEO optimized articles in Digital Ocean everytime? We all know what we want, two lines of code to copy paste. Hence my new website: https://howtocreateusermysql.com/

Quickly generate the commands to create users and manage their grants

It gives you, by default:

  • Strong password
  • Least required permissions (SELECT only)


  • Pre-made permissions sets from least permissive to most.
  • Read only (SELECT)
  • Replication(REPLICATION SLAVE)

In the future, may also support additional database engines.

This is great if you just want to quickly copy paste a command and have your new Mysql users and database privileges ready at once .

As usual, managing this in code should be the preferred way of doings things, and in the end I’ve also added a page with instructions on how to create mysql users/grants with Ansible, Chef and Puppet.

If the official documentation at the link below didn’t help: https://community.cloudflare.com/t/community-tip-fixing-error-520-web-server-is-returning-an-unknown-error/44205

I checked all the important things:

  • I checked Nginx/PHP/Application logs and nothing.
  • Server logs and monitoring, and nothing
  • Firewall rules allow all Cloudflare IP ranges, all good here.
  • Checked requests/responses on tcpdump and all looks good

tcpdump command to…

At my current project we’re currently running on AWS and GCP, one of the reasons being we’re using BigQuery for BI Analytics together with the parent company.


Setup an API Gateway, this will proxy all requests to GCP:

Setup a “Custom Domain Name” in AWS API Gateway console, with…

Having a hard time tracking all your crypto investments across all kinds of different platforms? Are you buying coins in CEX, staking them in DeFI platforms or generating yield income?

It must be hard keeping track of everything.

And while there’s a number of Apps tracking your crypto investment, they…

My late Friday creation, a quick one page website dedicated to “Banks are Clowns” or “Banks are Zeros” as popularized by Wall Street Playboys.

You can access it at https://clownbanks.com/

It’s about the recently launched NFT crypto project, Hashmasks, wherein a variety of randomly and automatically made art is made from a few different parameters to achieve a unique result. Using the Blockchain to record ownership of each piece. Hashmasks stands out by adding another level of exclusivity, by allowing naming each piece an exclusive name using the NCT tokens.

My website is a showcase of all the Clown Banks, Hashmasks that have clown masks and have been named after Banks. I hope I got all of them listed.

You may have been one of old time customers of Bitfinex, you know, that exchange that got ‘hacked’ into their bitcoin wallet and as a (their) decision, they decide to take 30% from any coin from any user in their system.

One of the early exchanges from the wild west…

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